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Daughter's Birthday Wish Fullfilled

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Awarded by , 05-19-2013 at 10:25 AM (1232 Views)
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My daughter wanted to fish with her dad for her birthday yesterday and her wish was to catch her first Mahi. Got up with a friend of mine and we headed to the Same-Ole. It was snotty but we made it and within 10 minutes we had a happy birthday girl. The bites continued off and on and we let Brittany battle the fish as it was her special day unless there was a double. Made one last loop before bringing the lines in at 4 for the ride home. That was a good call as a nice Hoo took the bait. All in all we ended up with 10 Mahi and 1 Hoo and one happy birthday girl!

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  1. 2840-FISH's Avatar
    WOW!!! VERY NICE CATCHES!! Beats the heck outta my day
  2. dbeam's Avatar
    great day thanks for sharing