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Cape Lookout area fishing, 5/18 & 5/19

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Spent most of the two days chasing false albacore between the CL rock jetty and the CL shoals. Schools were moving as fast as I've ever seen them -- they'd pop up for just a few seconds, then they'd be off again and re-emerge a long way off, again for just a short burst. But still a great spectacle to see the water exploding with albacore, and saw lots of fish completely airborne -- very cool sight. Occasionally we timed the blitzes right and got off a couple of casts before the school disappeared. Saturday the fish weren't picky. Several hookups but only got 2 to the boat. Sunday they were pretty fussy about what they would hit. I stuck with a cheap 1oz casting jig in silver or gold. lots of very small albies mixed in -- some of the smallest I've ever seen. Hooked one Sunday that might have been (barely) a pound. When I dropped it back in the water it took off like a rocket. Hooked a decent (but not huge) albie on Saturday that nearly spooled me. I just put 100 yards of brains [braid!] on my Shimano Sahara, and the fish tore off so much line I was into my backing -- so he ripped off more than 100 yards of line. Turns out he was being chased by a shark, so I guess he had extra motivation. But I did manage to get him to the boat in one piece.

Found huge slicks of menhaden near the shoals close to the beach, as well as big schools of silversides/glass minnors (?). thought they were menhaden, but i finally pulled up several on a sabiiki rig. more large schools of menhaden in front of shackleford, and on the west side of the BI shipping channel.

Couldn't find cobia or chopper blues. I may have spotted a cobia near the CL jetty, but couldn't get it to show any interest. Saw several spanish sky in multiple spots, but hooked none. Made it apparently too late to AR315 to get in on any of the reported Bonita action, but i did manage to lose a lot of hardware (hooks, weights, jigs--what's down there, anyway?!) there soaking some cut bait.

Saw all kinds of cool stuff -- numerous sea turtles, most around cape lookout. came upon two large but very dead sharks floating near the CL shoals. One appeared to have attacked the other around the head & gills, and was still attached. Appeared somehow to have been unable to let go of the other shark, and both died. Reached for the camera, but a breaking school of false albacore distracted us -- and we were unable to locate the sharks later.

Great weather on Saturday, and much better on Sunday than we feared. Think the swells between the jetty and shoals had built to around 3 ft, so we did some serious bouncing in a 15ft Whaler chasing alibe schools.

Wish we had caught more fish, but it was still a great couple of days on the water. Hope to post a couple of photos later.

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  1. brickphil's Avatar
    Man! That is a lot of fun! The shark attached to another shark and both dead would have been very interesting to see!!