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Topsail Trip: 05/25/13 to 06/01/13

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Took a family vacation this past week to Topsail and had a really nice time fishing.

First fished 05/26 on the surf. Went out that morning on the rising tide and landed an 11" snapper blue on a fireball rig with cut shrimp. Just a few minutes later, got a big hit on a two-hook bottom rig with cut shrimp and reeled up a Pompano right around 16". Not sure of the weight, but it was pretty chunky so I'm hoping I can call it my first citation! Man those little buggers taste good. Headed back in after about two hours when the bite died down.

Next couple of days I tried hitting the surf but it was really weedy. Didn't stay out much longer than a half hour either time because I was not optimistic.

Hit the pier Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday mornings to plug. I'd never plugged before so Tuesday was really a learning experience. All three days the water was a pristine clear green with probably around 7-10 feet of visibility. On Tuesday I spent the first 45 minutes or so plugging on a 6 1/2' rod but wasn't getting good action on my gotcha. Then I switched to a 7' rod with a reel with a faster retrieve and started to get some better action. After a few minutes, got my first hit but couldn't land it. Right before I was about to leave, got a nice hit from a Spanish and decked my first gotcha plugged fish and my first Spanish. Came in at 13.5" fork length and about 15" total length. Went back later in the day around 5:00 but it was dead.

Thursday morning I arrived about 6:45 and started plugging ASAP. Landed two Blues on my first couple of casts, and ended the day with six blues from 11" to 15" and a Spanish at about 12.5" fork length. Probably had 15-20 strikes in two hours. I gladly lined my fridge with 2-3 pounds of fresh fillets. I have to say Spanish are one of my favorite fish when they're this fresh; didn't have a grill so I just seared it in butter and olive oil. Good eating.

Friday I got there around the same time as Thursday and fished for another two hours or so. Didn't keep anything because we were leaving the next day, but caught probably about 10 blues between 10 and 15" on a gotcha which I donated to the bait tank as well as a ~22" ladyfish which was released. Gotta say those ladyfish pull some drag. Made me think I had a real nice Spanish.

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