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You just never know

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Awarded by , 06-27-2013 at 10:18 AM (1421 Views)
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Katrina and I went to the river on the top side of W Kerr Scott yesterday, water was high, kinda fast, and looked like a yoohoo. I wasn't really interested to tell you the truth, but this is our favorite place to catch panfish and Katrina wanted to try anyways. Im so glad she talked me into it. I was fortunate enough to catch the largest bass of my life, 7 lbs on the nose. I think everyone in Wilkes co heard me catch this fish,lol or at least everyone in the camp grounds around there. Unbelievable experience. We were catching lots of blue gills, sunfish, warmouth, brought home over 30, but every time nice structure came along, I would pick up the spinner bait and fish it well. Ended up with four bass , the 7lbs, and a nice 3lbs. Just goes to show, you cant catch them if your not fishing.

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  1. Big Dawg's Avatar
    that there is a hawg! nice work man!
  2. dbeam's Avatar
    Nice Glad it worked out!