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Hour and a half fight for a 17.5" speck... lol

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Awarded by , 07-16-2013 at 10:25 AM (674 Views)
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Spent the weekend fishing down at Ocean Isle, pulled a few mullet out of the surf in the AM Saturday before we were run off by rain. Went to the public access inshore pier at the north end of the island in the afternoon and threw a few rods out. I stuck to crabbing, trying to catch a few for dinner. When my buddy pulled up a little pinfish, I told him to hang onto it and threw a carolina rig I made up myself on his rod and used the pinfish as bait. Barely 10 minutes went by before something hit it. He set the hook and started to reel in when it all just came to a stop lol, every bit of line he reeled in was taken right back out by drag. That went on for a little over an hour (no joke), and the only thing I could figure was it was a big skate who was just hunkered down on the bottom. Finally it broke free and he pulled up a pretty speck, the only thing I can figure is the durn thing got wrapped around some structure on the bottom. Anyways he got his first speck and he got a pretty crazy story out of it too!
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