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Atlantic Beach 7/24 & 7/25

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Headed down to atlantic beach wednesday to fish with my brother and nephews who are down stayin at radio island for the week. Got there around 6 to check out the new and improved chasin tails location and I was thoroughly impressed. If you have a chance to swing by there, do it! The marina at the place they were staying at has a light that shines in the water so you can night fish. We started fishing around 9 or so and caught your usual blues and baby seabass. Some teenagers caught a ladyfish on a gotcha plug before we got there and had proceeded to try to cut its head off to get the lure back because they were afraid of it . Rigged up a live mullet and told him if he thinks one is taking it to open his bail and count to 30 before he set the hook. About 5 minutes later he had the second flounder of his life! About 30 minutes later he caught another! We went to bed with plans to try to get to AR 315 in the morning. We got out there around 9 and putted around for a while until we found some good looking structure. First drop on a live mullet, got me a flounder half inch too short. Then another. Then we started catching some seabass and my other nephew caught some scups and ringtails on cut bait. My brother caught a nice 16" flounder and my nephew caught a nice one at about 16.5". We ended up with 8 flounder in 3 hours, 2 measured and a third would have kept but my nephew got excited and tried to pull him out of the water and he came off. Also caught a small trigger jigging a gotcha plug which was kinda odd so he came home for dinner. The untold story of the day is how bad i got ROCKED. FOUR TIMES something hit my mullet hard enough that I couldn't pull it off the bottom before it stuck me in the rocks. Twice I held my spool and got the fish off the bottom a couple cranks and then they'd just about pull the rod in before sticking me. 30# braid and they didn't care, it almost HAD to be grouper the way they were hitting. When I was cleaning fish for MAD a guy told me they caught a 23.5" gag off 315 that day so I'm thinkin thats what they were. Also lost a snake king or monster spanish on a gotcha.

We went back in for a while before heading back out to take the kids swimming in the afternoon. Saw a 5 foot shark come up in about 12" of water jaws style and they werent too interested in swimming much longer. Had taken some rods and live mullet to fish with afterwards, we headed over to the port area and got a spread out hoping for a red or flounder. What I got was about a 15# bat ray. 10 minutes or so later I got a nice hit and a fish pullin some drag... and I FINALLY after YEARS of fishing for em got a slot red. Great fight I can see why they're so addicting! My nephew had one hit while he was bringing his bait back in but the hook pulled and we also had a huge 3 foot or so ladyfish slam a mullet peel drag and jump up.... straight in to the cement wall where the hook popped out and a big wet/scaly spot was left. Got another almost identical giant bat ray before we headed in.

Tired as I was the kids wanted to go down and fish the dock again. Things were slow for about 45 minutes and a dogfish had been terrorizing the kids mullet. Then I hear "I think I hooked the shark..... NO ITS A MONSTER FLOUNDER!!!!" Grabbed the net walked over expecting to see a decent fish and then I saw it and he wasn't kidding. Beast Mode. I told him to keep the fish under the surface, the water was about 4' down from the wall so i got down on my stomach put the net in and had him guide the fish to me. Real nice 5-6lb class flounder. Couldn't be more proud! Had some really good family time this week and that's always a good thing.

Stopped on the way out of town and swung by SteveF's place and we fished a little from shore in a couple creeks since I didn't have any specific time to be back but we were unsuccessful this time except for a couple little blues and we both missed at least one flounder a piece. Good way to end the trip!

Dang I ended up writing a novel this time guess thats good I had that much to write about!!
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    Nice catches NC!! Glad your getting on these saltwater species more recently! WARNING: It gets addictive, more so than bass fishin