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Surf city 10-11 to 10-13

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Headed down to Surf City for the first time from Thursday until today. Want to thank Scott Hobbs for giving me some good suggestions on spots to fish and everybody at East Coast Sports for providing some great products and customer service. Captain Chris is just as nice in person as he is in his fishing reports. While this trip was more vacation and downtime than fishing I still came out pretty good!

First morning I headed to a small public access dock I saw on the way in and caught a pretty little drum on an egret wedgetail. After a while we went to the beach and netted some mullet before heading to a little spot on the sound. An hour or so later ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ my line took off and after a couple minutes of fighting I had my PB drum up, 23.5" and a fatty! I had already exceeded my expectations for fishing this trip. My buddy had two runs he missed before we headed out to dinner and they ended up leaving saturday morning.

Saturday we went out and fished the incoming tide where I went 0-3!!! Missed two short runs on my lighter rod that I assume were small pups and lost a beast on the bigger setup.. My inexperience in drum fishing shined bright! As I thought his first run was slowing down I went to cup the spool and set the hook, and as I did I felt him fire up for another run and the hook pulled. Devastating, he felt easily bigger than my PB from the day before, shoulda used a circle hook! Went to lunch and shopped around with the girlfriend for a while and returned to fish the incoming tide. Slow for about an hour and then ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ this time I got a good hookset and the sleigh ride was on. Nice 22" Drum was pulled up shortly thereafter! I went from never catching a drum over 20" to a pair of nice ones and a missed beast in two days! Walked out on surf city pier that night and saw a couple small sea mullet caught but nothing else.

This morning after checking out and running around doing some more shopping stuff and grabbing some more frozen mullet from east coast headed back to the area and got set up for the incoming tide. Fished 11-2 and had two hits at 12. The first was a good ol ZZZZZ- and then when I set the hook the line went slack, it truly felt like the hook pulled, but when I reeled in the slack the fish realized it was hooked and ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ-POP. Nice one gone! Not 5 minutes later I went to pull in a bait that had been gettin eaten up by pinfish and one slammed it in about 12" of water. As soon as I set the hook he started shaking his head wildly and unfortunately the hook came out on that one as well. His back came out of the water and he looked roughly 20-21" Those were my only hits of the day so ended 0-2 for today.

Had a fantastic trip especially for a trip that wasn't meant for fishing. Couldn't be happier and will have to fish Surf City more often in the future Now I understand why you guys love drum so much...
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  1. dbeam's Avatar
    great trip thanks for sharing the pictures and the well written write up.