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Biggest smallie this year...repeated plus a pb largemouth for a friend

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Awarded by , 11-21-2013 at 10:06 AM (868 Views)
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We launched the yaks around 9am into a decent fog. Had a friend down from Raleigh as well as a couple others for the first time on this river. I got the first fish right away...12" smallie on a crankbait. Fished for a lil bit then I jear Luke say he had a good fish on. When he brings it up its the largest largemouth he's ever caught. This makes the 3rd trip he's upped his pb with me! Glad I can be a part of that accomplishment. It was 5.5lbs on the scale and 21.5".

We fished for a lil bit longer and caught a few more fish, both lmb n smallies. We stopped on a sandbar for a quick fire lunch break. The rain started to come down so we put out the fire and took off fishing again. I had caught 3 lmb and 2 smallies. I decided to paddle down to a spot that's known for smallies. I made about 4 casts and it happened. I got hung up on a rock. Being a squarebill I let tension off of the lute and gave it a quick pop and it freed itself. As soon as that happened it snagged again but this time the snag pulled drag. I was hung on a nice fish. I finally saw it go airborn and realized it was a nice smallie. After a decently long fight I landed her. 18.75" and jist over 3lbs on the scale. After a quick picture I released it 100% healthy.

That's the 2nd trip in a row with a 18.75" smallie from different river stretches. The fog started setting in with the rain so we had to paddle faster to beat the blindness of rain and fog and darkness. Very good day indeed.
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