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Quick Trip, Decent Reward

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Awarded by , 11-30-2013 at 09:15 AM (584 Views)
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I have a co-worker who lives on an undesignated stretch of water on the lower reaches of a well-known local wild stream, and he has kindly given me permission to access the stream from his property. I only managed to get in about an hour of fishing this afternoon before a bum shoulder drove me back to the car. Only one taker, but she was a real hoss (7lbs or thereabouts, looks like a washdown pellet pig from the club water just a little ways upstream). She fought like a champ; fought, in the end, too hard for too long. By the time I got her in, she had just rolled over and was already near death. I guess trout for dinner isn't the worst possible outcome of an hour on the water.
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