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New River last few days! Highs and low's

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Awarded by , 12-31-2013 at 02:29 PM (709 Views)
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Hey all! Been having an interesting few days on NR... Last week got into the slot drum very well in the lower river. Day before the rain we threw everything and the water was crystal clear even way up river but no fish except a bunch if teeny flatties.... Today we did well but were surprised at the conditions. Weather seemed great but the water is pretty dirty from the storm... Got into the just underslot drum nice in lower river creeks... Wouldn't touch mirro lures or top water but they were hitting swimbaits in nuclear chicken and gold/red flake rigged weedless great.... All seemed to be tucked way back in the lay downs, none off grass points... Got to be very careful with the feel they are picking the baits up very softly (thanks for that tip Breadman! Saved the day today)

The weedless swimbaits with procure were the ticket fished slowly across the bottom. Also caught one of the few keeper flatfish I've caught in NR today - yes bread man I know you slay em whenever you look for em but I rarely find good ones around there. Boated 10-15 good fish and another couple small ones today....

My bro is back from Afghanistan and getting his first fish in 12 months! Awesome day today....


Weird thing today- went to get my uncle and bro on gar as they haven't ever seen em. First of all the entrance to SW Had 0 bait which I've never seen even in winter. Finally netted a lone 12" mullet to use for cutbait.... Then we headed up to that hole where the gar ALWAYS are and they were nowhere to be found. Went as far up as the boat would allow in all three branches and didn't see ANY thing on sidescan and NO gar rolling.... Never, ever, ever seen that, gar are rolling in those holes ever time I've ever gone. And I've never seen such a lack of life on my sidescan, the entire water column up the entire SW creek was plumb empty.... Weird

I'm thinking of heading closer to the ocean tomorrow to get away from the muddy water and hopefully find bigger fish and possibly some trout.... Looking at EI/ bear island area but it's been a while.... Any recommendations for location up there? Feel free to shoot a pm if you don't want to post your honey hole to the world! I'll keep it quiet

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