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Elizabeth River Trip

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Pulled out from Grifton Monday morning at 5am heading north. Had the boat in the water around 8:30 and started fish right away close to the dock. Tide shifted and the specks started feeding right away. Casting mirrolure 52's across a hump and letting the tide swing the bait off to the deeper water and they would smoke it. Switched over to the 18mr and they would nail those also. No big fish at the first spot(18"19") so we moved on to look for larger trout. Hit some of my partner's regular spots and found some more takers around the same size so we kept on moving. Finally found a little better spot with some solid 3lbers so we hung out there for a while. Another shallow point so we switched over to some hot olive twitchin raps and some 17mr's. Before we decided to stop my buddy took me to the cove just to show me this local hot spot. We got there late but just in time to see two 6lbers caught in the first five minutes. This is mainly a live bait spot for the locals but we chunked some lures for about 20 minutes with no luck and headed in to the dock.

Day two we hit the water around 7am in the snow/sleet mix. Fished up Deep Creek for a while and hung some really strong fish on 52's but couldn't keep em hooked up. We moved back out in the main river to check the spot from day one and the fish were still there chewing again. Stayed on em a little while and moved again to look for bigger fish. The next spot we hit I get slammed right away and it's definitely a better fish. A little over 24" so we got a pic and let her go. About a minute later Tommy hooks up in the same spot. It's another 24.5" speck. Get the pic and let her go to. Thought we had found the spot and I think we did but we got there a few minutes late. We kept fishing and a got a few more strong hits but no more fish. Talked with a guy that released a 30" and some more pigs before we got to that area so I guess we should have gotten there faster. Finally went back to a spot from the first day and caught our limit of nice eating size trout before loading up for the ride home. It's an awesome place and I can't wait to get back up there. I will get a 10lber this year!! Here's a few pics from the trip and my poor Rapala x rap shad shallow that will most definitely get a new paint job this week..... it was brand new when I started Tuesday morning. Happy New Year everybody and tight lines in 2014!!
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