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End of December '13 / Beginning of January '14

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Awarded by , 01-05-2014 at 05:47 PM (587 Views)
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Wanted to share some random Fishy pics from the last few weeks of Catchin’

Kerr - 12/21/13:
When you can locate the Stripers, some solid fish can be caught.

Jordan - 12/26/13:
Cold/Wet morning, ice on the roads so stayed close to home.
After many shorts caught, finally got my first keeper sized (21 ½”) Striper of 2013.

Jordan - 12/28/13:
Another day of variety. Stripers, White Bass, Catfish, Perch and a few LM Bass.

Shearon Harris - 1/1/14:
Didn't have a great numbers day…but caught a few LM, Cats and Perch.
The below catch was a pleasant surprise, as it was my very first LM of the Day
and New Year for that matter. 8.25 lbs

Shearon Harris – 1/4/14:
19 degrees at 6:15 am. Duck hunters were scattered about early, so had to rethink my float plan.
Still managed these 3 in the am.


Happy New Year and good fishing!
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