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Kerr/Buggs Island Trip - 11/9/13

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Launched from Occoneechee State Park on John H. Kerr Reservoir at daybreak. Plenty of powerboat trailers in the parking lot already and not many in sight. Fishjunky and I launch and head toward the 1st bridge. As we get there the Fog rolls in THICKER than I have ever seen and visibility is ridiculously low. Wanting to get to a spot about 1 ˝ to 2 miles away, I suggest to Clint to sit tight at the bridge till the fog lifts. Me, not being very smart, decided to take a chance and follow the River Channel (using Navionics) up to my spot. Well all was relatively quiet along the way; it seemed that everyone was either still searching for live bait, or just waiting for the fog to lift. Passed a few boats, couldn’t see them, but could hear voices coming from them.

Pulled a couple A-rigs along the way and caught a short Striper around 20” – 21” released him quickly and continued on. Seemed like forever, but finally made it to the 3rd bridge. Still in heavy fog, I decided to get off the main channel and move closer to some structure for protection. Pulled out my 6’ medium baitcasting rod loaded with 12 pound mono with the intention to do some vertical jigging. Maybe raise a Largemouth or 2 while waiting for the fog to lift.

After just a few minutes, I hook into something that did not budge at first and then I could feel it slowly swimming away from me. Kind of like it didn’t even know it was hooked. Knew right away I had a BIG cat on. Looked down at my watch, it’s now 8:30 and I know this is going to take a little time.

During the battle, I set the net down beside me to get it ready for when the fish surfaces. It is now 15 minutes in and I finally get him up to the top. Get a good look at him and think to myself… guess I could put the net away.

Try to reach for the beast…and he just slowly heads back down to the bottom. Got him up near the surface a few more times and he would just smile… give me the fin and head back down. Now thinking to myself…the fog is lifting, I came here for Stripers and I’m losing my window of time on my sweet spot. How the heck am I going to get this fish in the Yak ASAP without breaking him off?

Just then, I see Clint is just arriving at the bridge and I wave him over to lend a hand. Quickly I fill him in on the situation. He goes to grab his net and I let him know that he should just “fuhgeddaboudit” put the net away. Finally the BIG cat comes up for another quick peek and Clint sees what we are dealing with. A few minutes later, I raise him for the last time between both Kayaks and Clint grabs a hold of him. (it’s now 9:10) Thanks my is greatly appreciated!

Some pics:

Pertaining to the rest of the day, caught a handful of the smallest stripers that I have ever seen on Kerr
8 – 10” (go figure)

Thanks for reading...

Good fishing!
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