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A Good Morning on the River

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Awarded by , 01-13-2014 at 09:53 AM (1339 Views)
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Went out with Vinny bagadonuts (phantom whole bunch of numbers) this morning on the river even though conditions weren't on our side at all. The water was up, muddy, and water was pumping at 9k when we arrived. We decided to just try it out for a couple hours and see if we could get any. After an hour or so of nothing we went up and started marking fish deep. We pulled out the spoons and started jigging and bam! Vinny hooks up on a nice catfish and pulls up an estimated 20lb + flathead catfish! Next I hook up with a little blue, we both look at each other and decide to ditch the bass and keep jigging. We ended up with 6 total, 3 each, and had a blast! My biggest went 16lb 1oz another flathead too. No bass this morning...but some nice catfish! Now time to watch the Panthers get this win!

My little blue

9lb 7oz 28'' Blue catfish!

16lb 1oz Flathead catfish!!

Thanks for Reading!
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  1. phantom102533's Avatar
    What a day dude! Dont know if I have had that much fun, or yelled and screamed like a little kid that much on a fishing trip!
  2. catmaster's Avatar
    that's freakin awesome......
  3. dbeam's Avatar
    What a great day, love to get into big cats.
    Sorry about the Panthers