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Looking for Leroy

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Awarded by , 01-15-2014 at 08:32 PM (745 Views)
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Went out to a local river at the north slope to scare up a few. Flows have settled down a bit with all surrounding streams producing 2.5 cfs/sq. mi.. This stream drains about 40 sq. miles so the flow was about 100 cfs. This is a perfect level for yak dragging which allows me to bring multiple rods. Dragging it upstream in 30 fpm gradient does require some effort however.

Action started fairly early with a good smack within 15. Had a good hookup with about a 13" brown but came undone as I was dragging up a shoal. The next trout wasn't to shabby running about 16". Not too long after I picked up a small(12")bow. After two hours had passed, I started spitting snow. Action had slowed a little but managed to pick up another bow around 14".

This is the scene 2 hours into the trip. No sticky yet.

After about a two hour lull with absolutely no action, I started questioning my judgement. Temps had dropped to 34 and it was dumping. More importantly, my efforts to hook up with Leroy simply wasn't yielding anything but cold hands and thirst. Came up on a nice pool below a ledge and finally... This fella measured 23".

Things had whitened up a bit as about three quarters of an inch of white stuff had fallen. Messing around with the flyrods in the snow was interesting and would not hesitate to do it again. The scenery was splendid on the ride back down to the bridge.

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  1. dbeam's Avatar
    That is a great pic with the snow in the yak. Cool report