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Atlantic Menhaden [brevoortia tyrannus]

General Species Information

Type of Fish: Saltwater
Common Name: Atlantic Menhaden
Scientific Name: brevoortia tyrannus
Size: Commonly to 8, and occasionally to 12 inches.
Habitat / Location: Adults in near shore waters and lower bays, juveniles in fresh and brackish estuaries and rivers.
Qualities: Favorite bait of many anglers. Excellent for King Mackerel, flounder, drum, etc.


NC Record Catch:

Best Bait

Baits: none
Lures: none


Suggested Line:
Suggested Rod/Reel package:
More info: Locally called pogies or bunker. Use a cast net to catch them. They can be found by listening or watching for their "flipping" action at the surface. They usually are found in large schools. They are not real hardy and will die in a live well within 12 hours.

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