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Shrimpy Fly

Fly Tie Information

Fly Title: Shrimpy Fly
Tyer Name: Deepblu505
Originator Name: Bob Boese
Entry Rating:   (3 votes)

Targeted Species

Red fish , Speckled Trout, Flounder


Fishing Location: Inshore
Fly Type: Atlantics
Head: N/A
Eyes: Large bead chain
Body: Elastic pony bead lacing, or 20 lbs test mono
Wings: Antennae- black silly legs
Hackle: Leggs- silicone skirting
Tail: Supper hair
Tag: Rostrum- super hair
Underbody: Rattle- worm rattle
Thread: white wally world

Materials List

#4- 6 salt water hook
White thread
large bead chain
super Hair
round rubber leg material
3-4mm worm rattle
silicone skirting med
elastic pony bead lacing or 20 lbs mono


1. Start thread half way on hook shank and wrap toward the hook about a third of the way down the bend of hook. Tie in bead chain eyes at this point with figure 8 wraps..

2. Tie in a small clump of the super hair between the eyes. Fold one 6 in piece of the black leg material and loop it around the hook shank and pull it up and through the middle of the bead eyes,tie it in with figure 8 wraps. This will be the antennae.

3. Next take 3 pieces of the skirting,fold it in half twice tie it in the same as the antennae. Cut the loops in the skirt to make the legs

4. Place a bead of supper glue gel on the shank and tie in good with thread. At this point you tie either the elastic lace or the mono. If you use the lace tie in 2 long pieces with the tag ends running just past the end on the rattle. With the mono tie in one piece long enough to wrap the body. Now use the thread to form a tapered body.

5. To make a tail tie in another clump of super hair at the hook eye. It can be on top or the bottom of the hook eye. On top (in the vice) will encourage the fly to move slightly downward on retrieve, on the bottom the opposite.

6. Starting behind the eyes weave the lace to the tail and whip finish. With the mono wrap to the tail and whip finish and trim supper hair into a fan shape. Apply super glue to thread and any gaps in the weave.

The fly tied on the #1 hook has a peacock hurl to simulate the vein.

Suggested Rod/Reel/Line

Members' Comments

I like this one Ill be giving it a shot this evening thanks Deepblue
Posted 01-31-2010 by HOW Cape Fear Chapter (Angler Member)