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Craft Fur Fish Head

Fly Tie Information

Fly Title: Craft Fur Fish Head
Tyer Name: Capt Gordon
Originator Name: lots of people
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Targeted Species

false albacore, spanish mackerel, bluefish, redfish, speckled trout, largemouth bass... basically anything that will eat a small baitfish


Fishing Location: Inshore
Fly Type: Saltwater Flies
Head: Flymen Fishing Co Fish Mask
Eyes: Flymen Fishing Co Living Eyes
Body: Craft Fur
Tail: Craft fur over Flashabou
Thread: Clear mono

Materials List


1. Tie in Flash at tail about the same length at the hook shank. Lay Light colored fur over. 2. Tie another similar length fur at starting point of first so it lays over. 3. Tie fur along both sides of hook shank to form a body. 4. Tie a contrasting color over the top. Finish and tie off. Coat with Super glue. 5. Slide Fish Mask over and let glue grab it. 6. Start thread in front and push against the fly. 7. Add another drop of super glue in front. 8. Add Living Eyes and put super glue or UV resin over. 9. Catch a fish.

Suggested Rod/Reel/Line

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