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green glass minnow pattern

Fly Tie Information

Fly Title: green glass minnow pattern
Tyer Name: Dave Garcia
Originator Name: Aguaazul1
Entry Rating:   (3 votes)

Targeted Species

Red Fish, Spec's, Flounder, Bass, smallies.


Fishing Location: Sound
Fly Type: Saltwater Flies
Head: Five minute epoxy
Eyes: holographic
Throat: red buck hair
Body: crinkel hair Green or Gray
Rib: N/A
Wings: N/A
Thorax: N/A
Hackle: N/A
Tail: N/A
Tag: N/A
Underbody: Glow Dark materal
Thread: Black 8/0

Materials List


The cups on the front of these flies allow them to wiggle as a real minnow when they are striped back in. If you fold the cups back over the head of the fly they will dive up & down as they are striped in. These cups are proto types that came from switzerland from a friend I made at the San Mateo flyfishing show in California. I have used these type of flies in larger sizes for sailfish and Dorado, Tuna, and Marlin, Pargo snappers in Costa Rica In the estuaries along the mangroves.

Suggested Rod/Reel/Line

Members' Comments

Wow! I really like that one. I'd be interested in a little more info on the availability of the cups and glow-n-dark material.
Posted 01-19-2007 by sinker man
Great Fly Dave. I'm going to have to order some of those cups and put some together.
Posted 01-13-2007 by backlash (Angler Member)