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Gotcha Clouser

Fly Tie Information

Fly Title: Gotcha Clouser
Tyer Name: Keith Gallaher
Originator Name: ?
Entry Rating:   (7 votes)

Targeted Species



Fishing Location: Flats
Fly Type: Saltwater Flies
Eyes: 1/8" nickle plated brass hourglass
Throat: white polar fiber
Body: thread
Rib: none
Wings: tan polar fiber
Tail: hot pink polar fiber
Thread: Hot Pink flat waxed nylon

Materials List


1.Fly is tied Clouser style with barbell eyes on top of hook shank so fly rides hook point up.
2. Pink polar fiber is tied on top of shank and covered smoothly with thread to beginning of bend. Tail extends about one hook length from back of hook.
3. White polar fiber is tied in at head and then again immediately behind eyes.
4.Fly is then inverted and two strands of pink pearl crystal flash or comes alive flash is tied in behind eyes.
5. Tan polar fiber is tied in at front of hook and two strands of yellow crystal flash tied on top.
6. Whip finish thread and glue with your favorate head cement.
7. Type of eyes can be changed to vary the sink rate.

Suggested Rod/Reel/Line

7-9 wt with floating line

Members' Comments

Thanks for posting, looks great !
Posted 02-03-2017 by Fly2bTied
Posted 06-23-2008 by ccobb (Angler Member)
I;ll bet that would be a great trout fly, just in case you need someone to field test
Posted 03-16-2008 by Scott Hobbs (Angler Member)
Awesome Job Doc! Looking forward to some schooling at the Tie-Athon.
Posted 02-10-2007 by chasintail (Angler Member)
Fantastic !!
Posted 02-09-2007 by fojoloy (Angler Member)
Beautiful work!
Posted 02-07-2007 by NCangler