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Mummie (Mummichog)

Fly Tie Information

Fly Title: Mummie (Mummichog)
Tyer Name: Keith Gallaher
Originator Name: Variation of Enrico Puglisi's Everglades Special
Entry Rating:   (4 votes)

Targeted Species

Redfish, Snook


Fishing Location: Inshore
Fly Type: Select One
Eyes: Yellow 1/4 in plastic with most of stem removed
Throat: red slinky fibers
Body: EP tan shrimp brush
Tail: EP fibers, tan over yellow over white
Thread: Fine clear mono

Materials List


1. Tie in small amount of red slinky fiber for throat. On top of this tie sparse amounts of white, then yellow, then tan EP fibers. Then in front of these, tie in two more small bundles of tan fibers "hi-tie" style. Place a small amount of super glue on the threads. (pic 1)
2. Tie in shrimp dub brush and wind in touching wraps forward while carefully stroking the fibers to the rear. Tie off at front of hook and then brush out fibers with a dubbing brush till fibers grossly approach a minnow shape. (pic 2)
3. Use long scissors to carefully trim fibers from back to front to make a nice taper both top to bottom and side to side. (pix 3 & 4)
4. Mark as desired with brown Sharpie and glue in plastic eyes with goop. A "whisker-type" weed guard may be added as desired.

Suggested Rod/Reel/Line

Members' Comments

Wow! You do amazing work. Very nice. Thanks for contributing.
Posted 02-07-2007 by NCangler