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Polar Fiber Minnow

Fly Tie Information

Fly Title: Polar Fiber Minnow
Tyer Name: Tom Carpenter
Originator Name:
Entry Rating:   (2 votes)

Targeted Species


Fishing Location: Inshore
Fly Type: Saltwater Flies
Head: 5 Minute Epoxy
Eyes: Red 3d Molded
Body: Blue & White Polar Hair (Craft Fur)
Underbody: Pearl Krystal Flash
Thread: Clear MonoFilament

Materials List


This is a fairly easy fly to create. When cut the Craft fur from it's patch be sure sure to strip the short under fibers away from the long fibers. Then tie the white fur about mid 2/3 of the way down the hook shank. Tie in a couple of clumps of white fur then your Krystal flash, and finally tie in a couple of clumps of blue fur. Take a Dubbing brush or comb and brush the fur out to blend the fibers. Spread the fibers to give the body a bait-fish profile and carefully apply the eyes. The eyes will actually help keep the fibers splayed to maintain the body shape. Then carefully work 5 minute epoxy over the eyes forward to the hook eye to from the head. This pattern is perfect for using Tuffleye or Fly Goo instead of Epoxy. It can be difficult to work the thick epoxy into the head and maintain the head shape. Fly Goo is a very thin liquid that is easily work ed into the fibers, then hardened with a UV Light.

Suggested Rod/Reel/Line

Members' Comments

very nice fly
Posted 07-31-2008 by ccobb (Angler Member)