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Little Frog

Fly Tie Information

Fly Title: Little Frog
Tyer Name: Keith Gallaher
Originator Name: Keith Gallaher
Entry Rating:   (10 votes)

Targeted Species

Panfish and Bass


Fishing Location: Lake
Fly Type: Terrestrials
Eyes: Little googly dolls eyes
Body: tan foam spider bodies glued together
Tail: Legs made from knotted rubber leg material
Thread: mono

Materials List


1. Rear legs are knotted and secured to end of shank.
2. Shank of hook is covered with thread.
3. Cover flat side of spider body with thin coat of super glue. Position this carefully on side of hook shank and then place other spider body on other side. Squeeze together with fingers for a few seconds until secure.
4. Place double strand of rubber leg material in carpet needle and poke through foam body. Then knot the legs (opposite direction on each side so legs both point forward).
5. Glue googly eyes on front of hook. Use permanent marker to color frog as desired.

Suggested Rod/Reel/Line

Members' Comments

Now, that's a great froggy and I love the touch of glitter, smart tye for haungry fish....🎣
Posted 07-23-2017 by wperry (Angler Member)
That is very nice.
Posted 03-18-2009 by ejtaylor822 (Angler Member)
hey Keith that is a really good looking frog the bass should jump all over that.
Posted 02-17-2009 by Deepblu505
Great looking fly keith. wish I had the patience and time to do theses.
Posted 02-28-2008 by Coach D (Angler Member)
Wow. That should be a real Bass getter.
Posted 08-20-2007 by backlash (Angler Member)
Very nice!
Posted 02-07-2007 by NCangler