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Popper's Wooley Bugger

Fly Tie Information

Fly Title: Popper's Wooley Bugger
Tyer Name: Popper - Darrell Groce
Originator Name:
Entry Rating:   (2 votes)

Targeted Species

anything that will swallow it


Fishing Location: Lake
Fly Type: Streamers/Bucktails
Head: Thread
Eyes: N/A
Throat: N/A
Body: Chenille bright green
Rib: N/A
Wings: N/A
Thorax: N/A
Hackle: Long black
Tail: Short black
Tag: N/A
Underbody: No weight - led wire
Thread: Ultra 70 black

Materials List


1) Always leave room for thread head
2) start your thread at the eye
3) wrap the full length of the shank stopping at the bend,
4) pick a prime short marabou, dampen lightly for ease of handling. measurement for the tail is slightly longer than the hook - 1/8", (shorter the tail the straighter)
5) tie in marabou on the top of the shank, the full length of the shaft leaving room for thread head & cut.
6) Measurement for the chenille is hook length x3
7) tie in the chenille on the far side of the shank all the way back to the bend, let the rest hang off the back.
8) Use a long hackle trim the fluff tie in at the back with the wide end (for this bugger) on the near side of the shank let it hang.
9)bring the thread up to the eye - let it hang.
10) wrap the chenille up to the eye same way as the thread
11) tie off & trim excess.
12) wrap the hackle up & in-between the chenille wraps
13) tie off & trim excess
14) make your thread head
15) add a drop of cement & U R DUN - fish it up.

Suggested Rod/Reel/Line

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