Fellow Fayetteville Fisherman Needs Your Help!

Fellow Fayetteville Fisherman Needs Your Help!

  1. JVHarris
    Hey fishermen,

    I'm from Fayetteville and I'm reaching out to the fishing community to ask for help in a contest. My daughter took a photo of my grandson when he was fishing with me during his first beach trip last August. She entered it into a contest and is now in the running to win a free vacation at Emerald Isle. I would love for her to win because that would mean I get even more fishing memories with my grandson!

    Voting is really easy. Click the link below, then hit X or "like" the rental company page, and click VOTE! It takes less than 5 seconds but you must be logged into facebook. The contest ends Wednesday at 11:59 pm so we need all the support we can get!


    Thank you and keep fishin'!

  2. mattmartin1990
    Good luck I hope it all goes well! I would love to help out but unfortunately I can't I do not have a facebook
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