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    Product Manufacturer: Smith Optics
    As I am of a certain vintage the use of bifocals is no longer optional, especially when fishing or any other activity requiring me to actually SEE what I am doing. I'd recently dropped in the river sacrificed to the Fishing Gods a nice pair of polarized Maui Jim's (through no fault of my guide despite his irrational feelings of guilt, you know who you are my friend) and wanted to replace them with a fishing-specific pair.

    Here is the model I ordered:

    All I can say is WOW, what a difference. I've never honestly been able to say I could see under the surface with any consistency. I went out a couple of days over the holiday weekend and was frankly amazed at how well these glasses performed.

    Friday the day was pretty much full sun and it was no problem to see what seemed like 5 or 6 feet deep with very good clarity. Yesterday was a bit cloudy and the pond I was fishing wasn't as clear but I could still see so much more than I ever could with the Maui Jim's and/or the cheap Bass Pro magnifiers I gave my brother a while back. On Friday, I was able to see a good sized LMB follow my crankbait pretty much all the way from the bank to the kayak before finally turning away, not something I ever experienced with other glasses.

    As for fit, these Guide Choice frames are on the large side, and my fat round cheeks do touch the bottom of the frame occasionally but nothing too annoying. Coverage is very good but I imagine hot-weather conditions might cause some sweating/fogging issues as the lenses are very close to my eyes. The earpieces have a nice downward turn to them making them comfortable to wear with both a ball cap and my Tilley hat (I find straight earpieces tend to interfere with the way a hat fits which drives me nuts).

    I ordered these glasses from a site called New York Glass. Took longer to deliver than I liked but their prices on Smith and other name brand optics is very good. If you are looking for a new pair of fishing sunglasses I would highly recommend Smith Optics.
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