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    Made to Ocean Isle for the first time this weekend, not a strictly fishing trip but I could not resist plugging a little. As our car crested the bridge I saw grass everywhere and started to drool. Surf was dirty though, not surprising given the wind this past weekend. Since I was on foot this trip I opted to hike all the way to the north end and throw Gulp with bucktails right at the tide rip line. It was a perfect back eddy. Plugged away outgoing and incoming, but only managed a couple of short flounder. I was surprised. I fully expected to get some blues in that area it sure looks like an area where schools (of anything) could blast through ripping bait at any second. I'm sure it happens when the water is cleaner. Not much bait to be seen this past weekend though, a few very nervous mullet coming through but no larger schools I could get a net on.

    Lots of holes on the north end of this beach, tons of piers right near the ramp to throw at if you have a boat. I love it and will come back prepared in three weeks. More to follow.....
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    Thanks for the report! I'm surprised you didn't find a blue in those rips!

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