To be in the world but not of it...
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Thread: To be in the world but not of it...

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    Default To be in the world but not of it...

    Having noticed how much time his eldest boy was spending out on the water a father questioned his son;

    "Son, you know how much I love to fish and I'm the one that taught you. I'm concerned with how much time you have been spending out there though."

    "Don't worry dad" The boy answered "I haven't been fishing too much. I have been going out to be closer to God"

    "Well, that's good" said his dad "but don't you know that God is the same everywhere and always?"

    "Yes dad, but I am not."


    Let us each find such a place of solitude where we can lock the proverbial door behind us and shut out the world to be closer to God.
    May that territory expand as we grow in Christ Jesus until such sanctuary is no longer a logistical place, but a state of our soul.
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