Trout fishing Friday Evening and Saturday Morning
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Thread: Trout fishing Friday Evening and Saturday Morning

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    Default Trout fishing Friday Evening and Saturday Morning

    Did a little trout fishing Friday after work. Ended up with 4 trout on the super spook jr. all good fish prob 20-17". Got a big whack on the spook followed by some serious pullage. Thought I finally had that monster magazine trout I've been dreaming about. Nope, 25" red. No action on the mirrodine at all, not even a bump.

    Fished at sunrise saturday morning. Full moon made for some big tides and dirty water. A few hits on the spook but no hookups. Nothing on the MR-17 again. Maybe a water clarity issue? However, water was pretty clear on the incoming. Copper back sea shad with the chartreuse tail got it done. 4 trout and one rat red. When the wind picked up it made fishing pretty tough and a real slog getting back. Never been able to catch trout in heavy wind but I did manage 1 upping to a 1/4 jighead from my standard 1/8. Can't wait for next time.

    Click image for larger version.

Name:	bart gelesh red drum.jpg
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Size:	67.7 KB
ID:	166649Red from Friday afternoon.

    Bart Gelesh

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    Nice job!!! Pretty fish

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    You did very well Bart. Not a bump on any boat near the inlets Saturday morning or Sunday .
    I caught some small trout further inshore but otherwise it was dead. Water temp rose from 63 on Wednesday to 71 this weekend.
    Aka: Inshorefisher

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