Category: Freshwater Tournaments

Location: Denton,

Sponsoring Organization or Charity: Benfit Tournament

Contact Name/Phone: Robert Workman

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Hey guys its been a while since i posted in here.. lets just say I've been extremely busy.

We are planning to have an event for a friend who has found out he has cancer. This man was a faithful member of the Tarheel Striper Club for years and so we are trying to get him out one last time on the lake. all the info is listed below and we are working everyday to make sure everything happens. the event location is listed as well. if you plan to attend send me a text with your email and i will send you a copy of the sign in form to fill out. we hope to see a lot of people come out to support this man in his last days. the event is for striped bass. if you have any questions you can contact me at 336-264-1749. or you can text me at the same number. i will respond to everyone. if you cant make it and would like to donate just let me know and i will get Bobby's Address and you can send it directly to him with a note of encouragement.

We are all destined to pass from this old world. we just want to give him one last time to be able to enjoy what god has given us.

This tournament is a striper fishing tournament. all the details are listed below and if you can make it out please do so.if you have any questions feel free to call me and ask.

thanks again
Bobby Workman
AKA Striperjunkie

Badin Lake Open Tournament
Where: Badin Lake / Whiplwheel boat ramp
When: April 14thth 2018 7:00 AM ~ 3:00 PM
Check-in 5:30 AM ~ 6:30 AM
Entries Fees: $30 per person ($60 max per boat) all Money coming in for each boat will go to Bobby Garner to help with medical expenses
$10 per person Side fish pot with 100%
Payout: (50%) 1st ,(30%)2ND ,(20%)3RD Places Paid
Tournament Rules

  1. Disruptive or unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated and is grounds for disqualification.
  2. We are not responsible for any accidents or injuries to any parties or property damages during anytime.
  3. Tournament starting time may change if adverse conditions exist such as weather or other tournaments, etc.
  4. You must be signed up for the tournament before 6:30 AM. Once signed up the team cannot leave the designated starting area until told to do so.
  5. You should bring cash in the correct amount.
  6. It is the boat owner’s responsibility to have their boat inspected before the start of the tournament. If you do not have your boat checked you will be disqualified. This rule is strongly enforced.
  7. All boats must in the no-wake zone by 3:00 PM. A penalty of 1lb. per minute will be assessed for late arrival for up to five minutes then you will be disqualified.
  8. If you need to go to the ramp for any reason prior to the tournament end time, you must obtain approval from the Director. You will be subject to boat inspection upon your return.
  9. If you have to leave early during the tournament, you must notify the Director.
  10. Absolutely no drugs or alcohol permitted. Violators will be disqualified.
  11. 3 Only 3 fish per boat will be weighed in at tournaments, the team needs to decide which are their 3 biggest fish and big fish at their boat not at the scales, stripers and hybrids only
  12. All fish weighed-in must be over 20 inches unless the state regulations specify a larger size.
  13. Fish must be brought to scales in an appropriate container such as a cooler, fish bag, or tube.

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