Weldon 3/18
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    Hadn't heard about anything except water was a bit low. Last Spring the highest I've seen it in 25 years and this Sunday was the lowest I had ever seen it 2,000 cfs. Lower unit rapid heart rate watched a couple boats maneuver ahead of me. Took a couple neighbors that had never seen a shad and younger one biggest was a bluegill. With me rigging constantly (hung, reties) , we got about 40 hicks, one white, 2 small stripers, bw docks and just down from big rock. Kept 5 for grouper bait. Color didn't matter. It was like trout fishing where boat in front or behind you is slaying them. Lots of fly fisherman. Several kayaks since flow was low. Water temp. started at 46 but warmed to 49. Only saw 2 boats hit rocks but they were going slow. Fish on, fish on...

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    Congrats on the catch. A friend from NCSU mentioned having a friend up there that caught 40 fish. King Richard is quite the noble name you must be a noble person.

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