This past weekend was the much anticipated spring trip to Cape Lookout. We usually go to the island in the fall and stay in the cabins, however this year we decided to try a spring beach camping trip. We met family and friends in Davis and caught the 4 pm ferry to the island.Click image for larger version.

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We drove down the beach and set up camp looking forward to a great weekend.Click image for larger version.

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Later that evening we decided to try some shark fishing and discovered that the surf was very rough. Heavy surf and currents would swing 8 oz. lead to shore in a matter of minutes. Fishing at dawn the next morning was no better, so we began the search for more fishable water. We finally found some reprieve on the south end of the island and got the skunk off. Click image for larger version.

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We started sunday fishing at the south point on a rising tide. Nothing was biting and we were waiting for the tide to begin falling so that we could squeeze past some pinch points along the south end beach. Finally we found a great trough and a huge pothole divided by a sandbar. Time to get serious.Click image for larger version.

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First rod was bending over before the second rod was baited. We landed several bluefish while the bite was hot and as it cooled I began jigging for flounder. I got my first keeper flounder from that pothole.Click image for larger version.

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After the bite stopped , we headed for the jetty and my brother-in-law caught a couple more bluefish. Headed back to camp before rising tide trapped us on the south side. We had a hard earned dinner of fried flounder, grilled bluefish, and french fries. We packed up monday, caught the noon ferry off the island, and headed back to the mountains. Back to work on tuesday with a smile on my face. There is nothing quite like island time!