In our effort to get some fishing in before old big red stuck its head out we hit a cary lake at about 530AM really hoping for some topwater action. After throwing buzzbait, whopper and popper moved on to a weightless stick worm and got a DINK at most 1/3 a pound. Moved to another spot and same story but this time managed maybe a 1/4 pounder on worm. Just as I land the little guy my buddy loads up and lands a nice 3.5#. We moved further down the lake again trying topwater nothing and after a small miss on the whopper I followed up with a worm and got a 3/4 pounder. We started talking about heading to home lake and put in the jon boat or hit another lake very close by. As we were walking out I said lets get the close lake since we will be there in less than 5 minutes and its only 7:30.

We get there and head directly for the dam and notice some fish moving off the bank not sure what species but a good sign. We set up and first cast with Buzzbait SLAM a nice 2# as I am working it in my buddy also on first cast has a 1+ on and gets it to the shore and fish falls off and hits the rocks, I landed mine just fine. As I am taking fish off both the main hooks and trailer he is running his buzzbait and SLAM big blowup and quality fish on turned out to be 5#10oz but in landing the fish and getting it up on the bank his bait cast rod SNAPS ( this is an important aspect as the day progresses). I kept working my buzz bait and on 4th cast SLAM a nice 3.5 goes aerial and I land it after a nice battle and have to once again get the stinger and n=main hook out and main hook went in out and back into the mouth explaining the aerial display. Two casts later SLAM another 2.5 on the buzz. We work further down bank line heading toward side we worked a few weeks ago and I decided to stop at a point I like first cast SLAM another buzz bait and again fish jumping like mad another thru and thru. I missed one other on buzz and could never get it to hit again tossed a worm no luck. We moved to other bank to stay in shade for a little longer trying topwater but wind is starting to pick up. I am working bank line and as I am walking back my buddy signals me that a LAGRE fish blew up something on the bank. I work my way into the area run the buzz bait and have a MASSIVE blowup and MISS!!! I immediately dropped rod tossed worm no luck. It was now 8:30 and just as in other weeks at this lake the bite DIED off so we decided to head to another small nearby pond since wind was up and we would have some nice protection and SHADE.

We fished the pond for almost 1 hour not bite, blow up or anything. This pond used to be a skunk saver but since february we have had very little action at it and only small fish. Last year landed multiple 5s in the pond this year nothing over 2.5. So once again we discuss heading to home lake but no shade there so I said hey lets try this pond I found a few weeks ago as I was driving around Cary trying to help our rescue group trap a dog that was on the loose.

It took us 15 mins to get to the pond and there aren't many open spots. I hit the first one my buddy the second. As I am working worm in something smacks the bank right at my feet. I toss worm back in and just kind of look off to side and I feel Tap and PULL I landed a nice 2.5# and lovely color on the fish. we decide to work further around since clouds came up for some cover of there "accessible" bank ( lots of high grass all around with a few spots that pond overflowed having grass matted down. I see a swirl under a tree toss worm however my line is over some grass however landed in the spot I wanted starting working it and felt the tap but with the grass still holding line I waited for movement than set hook another 3# bass. Decided to switch to a red eye and toss it around. First cast didn't feel like usually slam but felt weight and fish tossed the lure. A few cast later again a Grab of weight and a nice 5+ goes airborne. I am able to fight it in and get it close to the grass but not in the matted spot but higher grass that I am going to have to yank him over, just than my buddy reminds me to be careful of the tip to not end up snapping rod and I gave a tiny slack and off came the fish. Started tossing red eye again and landed 4 really nice crappie and lost another. No further bass for men but since buddy had a skunk going at this pond I told him toss under this tree something just swirled there. Sure enough he gets a nice 2.5# as well on worm

So for the day I ended up with 9 landed bass, one big bass lost on grass at bank, one lost in fight and 4 crappie landed and two other nice ones that came off in the fight. Buddy had biggest fish at first and second body of water with the 3+ and 5+ for a total of 4 fish.