Got up early Saturday morning and headed to a Cary lake that last year was a great fishing spot but this year the bite has been a lot more difficult. Figured I might have similar success to outing last June. Started off throwing a buzzbait, moved to,whopper popper, popper, worm and crank. No takers, bumps or blowups. Decided to leave after about 1:30 and decided to try another nearby lake however found the water level down. We have noticed when the water is down the topwater bite is pretty much nonexistent at this spot but gave it a try anyways. Again worked buzzbait, worm and crank didn’t even try a popper since they haven’t hit that at this lake since April. At about 8:30 decided this wasn’t gonna be a good spot since bite has usually stopped for us in our last three outings at this lake at 8:30 or so. Decided to head to a smaller pond nearby that has also slowed down significantly in the last year.

put on a June bug worm and started working the cover along the bank tossed a few times under some bushes and finally noticed line started to tighten up versus a tap and set the hook on a nice 3#. Kept working the worm no,lucky tried a popper and buzzbait again no takers. Decided to toss a crank however since the pond isn’t deep was burning it when slam a nice 2# grabs it close in. Couldn’t get any more bites and only a few small openings in this pond anyways so headed to another pond that produced 5 2-3# on Friday afternoon. This pond seems to be an afternoon or late morning bite since the week before we tried it around 7am without any action. Headed for shade side of the pond trying to avoid old BIG RED and works under a tree that produced day before and a 6.5 a few weeks back. No takers somworked the bank lines and tried a crank. After a while started hearing bass smacking the bank chasing bait but couldn’t get any takers. Finally decided to head over to sunny side and noticed lots of small fry and other small fish congregating in the spot and saw a few nixed size bass working the area since water is clear as a bell. Saw a few bass swim by tossed the worm in gently and one sniffed it and tapped it but wouldn’t take it. Decided to give up trying to entice them and tossed out further working the weightless worm slowly whe. I finally noticed a twitch. Patiently waited and set the hook on movement and landed a nice dark 3#.

3 fish but four bodies of water nice thing is all,of these bodies of water are within about 15 minutes of each other so easy to leave one and head to another plus I hit the ones with limited shade first and save the shaded ponds for after 9am.

with forecasted temps this week might be trying some evening topwater action or a quick trip to a small shade pond much closer to my home.