Small pond with a big fish
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    Buddy texted me about 2pm asking where we were gonna go fishing. Tried to think of place close by but also major consideration was shade!!! decided to try this small pond in a park that has never yielded a fish over 2# before. Brought a worm rod as well as a lite action rod with some small jigs to chase some of the nice break in the pond. Arrived and tossed first cast toward some grass and lay down no takers. Noticed my water bottle cap wasnít tight and was leaking into the water so stopped down to,tighten it. Just about the line I just tossed saw a bit of a swirl so decided to throw over the lay down and work my way back. Fishing a weightless trig water Mellon red flake and just as it passes over the log feel a Tap. Waited since I figured it could be just a bream and noticed the line tightening and moving a tad set the hook and at first I thought I had a fish and maybe a log as well since it was close to the extended branches of the lay down. I start reeling and now I know Imhave ALL Fish as it goes airborne, starts running than again out of,the water. A few more jumps a run under the dock and now I start thinking ok how am I am gonna land this fish since did t want to try to pull her up over the rails and as I worked fish toward the bank I am thinking that grass and weeds could be an issue. Fish runs back under the dock and get it pulled back out and decide there is enough room for me to reach between the rails and grab the fish. Now I have it solid in my hand but had to sort of work a ladder approach up the five rungs swapping hands and making sure Imhad the fish secure each time. Get the fish up, get the hook out of the jaw solid and weigh it at a nice 5.35 pounds. Took the photo since my buddy hadnít arrived yet and released it gently back over the dock. The fish just sort of sat there a bit and than starated a very slow meandering process back to the spot I pulled her out of.

    worked worm a bit more and than tossed around the lite action jig and had a couple of bream grab it but lost them before landing.
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    Nice fish!

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    Nice one, Spidey!
    - Sam
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