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    I was fortunate to be able to spend the last week in beautiful Bonaire. My wife, me, my brother and his wife rented an Oceanside house and got permission from our wives to bring the fishing gear.

    It was unlike anything I have ever done. From the waters edge out about 30 yards was the drop-off. It went from 10 feet to 600 feet almost instantly. A perfect opportunity to target deepwater and pelagic fish right from the shore.

    Our goal was blackfin tuna, wahoo, grouper, cudas, etc.

    We searched around and found a cliff with water 180 feet straight down. This was my first time vertical slow pitch jigging from land. AMAZING! I had several large fish break off (assuming tuna from the runs and tail slapping the line) but did manage some HUGE houndfish.

    The main fish of the trip were grouper, probably over 80 in total, we ate about 5 of them. After catching some larger squirrelfish in the evenings we decided to give them a try on the grill. Boy were we glad we did, the put the grouper to shame as table fare.

    Also caught dozens of different reef fish including filefish, parrotfish, hawkfish, wrasses, triggerfish, damselfish, eels, etc.

    Also caught a neat octopus.


    I will try to upload pictures later
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    Sounds like you had an awesome trip!
    Just keep swimming...ahem... fishing... just keep fishing...
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