The cold weather and rain has really put a beatin' on my brother and myself, combine the weather with work, and our fishing outings have been few and far between the last few months.

It is the new year and time to get back to the water. We decided to head down to Florida City for 8 days of fishing later this month.

The plan is to have three days of freshwater fishing and five days of salt.

We will be targeting all fish species.
Typically from the freshwater we will be looking for the following species:
Peacock Bass
Largemouth Bass
Blue Tilapia
Spotted Tilapia
Bullseye Snakeheads
Black Acara
Mayan Chichlids
misc. others.

From the salt we are looking for the folowing:
Tarpon (catch and release)
Grouper (catch and release inshore)
Misc. Snappers (The Muttons are on the patch reefs as i type)

While fishing I am always on the lookout for critters to catch, so I should have som neat pics and videos once we are back. I am trying to add to my list of captured reptiles, and for this trip I want to add the following species:

Panther Chameleon
Outelets Chameleon
Black and White Tegu
North African Rock Python

I will update once we are there.