Thinning out fishing gear
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Ad: Thinning out fishing gear

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    I have a bunch of gear I’m listing for sale, email me for inquiries

    SOLD- Wading gear:

    I have three pairs of stocking foot waders from past seasons all in good conditioned, all leak tested in the fall.
    From right to left (photo):

    SOLD - Orvis Silver Label 3 stocking foot size medium (the front pocket had a seam failure so I took it off, this does not impact the shell at all, otherwise fully functional, priced it down for this) is my favorite of the lot and most versatile as it easily converts to hip waders. $60

    SOLD- Simms Gortex stocking foot size medium. Typical wear, lightweight. Will serve you well. $80

    SOLD- Dan Bailey lightweight stocking foot wader, size medium. These I used the least. Lots of storage space. $80

    Late model Orvis felt+stud bottom boots and not as old Chota felt bottom boots.
    $20 for the Orvis, $25 for the Chota’s.


    Scientific Angler System 2 67L reel: An “oldie but a goodie” this reel is a classic IMO. Great condition, spooled with backing and WF6F $50

    Orvis Encounter IV LA reel: Never used and ready for whatever backing and line you want to put on it. Wanted the rod, not the reel that this came in on as a combo. Good back up reel or beginner reel for larger setup. $50

    Okuma Integrity 5/6 LA reel: Excellent condition. I just don’t use it. It’s spoiled with backing and a WF5F line. $30

    SOLD - Daiwa Laguna 1000 5Bi reels: new/unused original boxes. $30ea

    South Bend Micro Elite: Unused/new $10

    Life preserver:

    Onyx AM24 inflatable: This is a new, never used Onyx AM24 life jacket. This life jacket inflates instantly upon detecting water contact (ie it is low profile and uninflated during use, inflated if you fall in), It’s been kept in my garage. It has a CO2 cylinder connected and an extra CO2 cylinder I’m adding. (Full disclosure, the cylinders expired in 2018, but they are perfectly safe to use in my opinion). $90

    Prices can be negotiated but not by much. More photos on request, please be specific.
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