Forecast: .25" of rain they said....Hyco Report 3/21/19
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Thread: Forecast: .25" of rain they said....Hyco Report 3/21/19

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    Default Forecast: .25" of rain they said....Hyco Report 3/21/19

    4 days prior forecast: Thursday: mixed sun/clouds highs upper 50s calm winds. Friday 60's sunny calm winds. 1 day prior forecast: .25" at most of rain, gone by sunrise. Breezy and chance of afternoon showers.

    Well....over 1" of rain later....

    Ugh...had already put time off request, so held back in town an extra 90minutes to let the rain pass. Rode up to Hyco with the yak hoping for the best, expecting the worst. It ended up somewhere in the middle.

    Due to private access, I always resort to the upper part of the lake near Osmond Rd. Water was murky but with 12-16" of visibility. 2nd cast at the launch and landed a small 1.5# on a KVD spinnerbait.

    All in all caught 6 bass, 1 crappie, all scattered and all shallow < 4'. Most along "seawall" or rock rip-rap, the largest off of timber at around 3lbs. 5 bass on KVD Spinner Willow Blades, 1 bass and crappie (big one) on squarebill. Water temps avg right at 54. However, near the bridge, and first time i've ever seen this, the influx of the overnight rains brought red clay/chocolate milk water and debris that actually had current of probably 1-1.5mph that noticeably pushed the kayak. The "fresh" water was colder at around 51-52. Figured they're might be bass staged on the current breaks, but no luck. Threw spinnerbait 60% of the time, squarebill 20%, and mixed in a lipless, chatterbait, and jig occasionally.

    Sick of the rain. Was going to go again today, but the winds....

    Tight Lines.

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    Good to see caught some fish. Since Die Energy made those managing the ramp on Hyco go up on the launch fees to $25 each time launching and $75 for the annual launch fee I haven't been to Hyco. Still go to the Hyco Afterbay and Mayo both in Person County

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    Wow, $25 to launch? And people complain about Randleman being $15. Cripes!
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    - Sam
    "Things are only impossible until they're not!"

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