Jordan Lake condition?
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Thread: Jordan Lake condition?

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    Default Jordan Lake condition?

    With all the rain we've had over the last couple months I've just stayed away from the floaters, and muddy water from the Haw and Jordan Lake. NOW it is time. Can anyone please enlighten me about those items floating and how muddy the water may be?

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    As long as it has been high, most of the floating debris is probably blown far back in the woods by now. Floaters happen when the water is on the rise and stuff floats off the bank or washes down the river on a rapid rise in the Haw area. They are not as big a deal as you make them out to be. River area is going to have the most after a rise, the rest of the lake is usually fine unless they close the dam during a strong inflow some may blow through the S-curves into the main lake. There may be 1 or 2 out there but really its should pose no problem just keep your eyes open and fish on.
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