Planer boards?
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Thread: Planer boards?

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    Default Planer boards?

    Anybody troll with planer boards in WNC?

    I was guessing mountain lakes are too narrow for a good board spread?


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    Planer boards work fine in WNC, just be considerate of the space they take up, and that wakes from passing watercraft will create some issues with smaller boards. Upsize the flags for better visibility so that others can see them (many folks have never seen planer boards), and keep in mind you don't have to always use them on both sides of the boat.

    It's much easier to keep up with 2 on off one side than 1 on each side, especially when you are starting out. I like to run on one side of the boat away from boat traffic where areas are confined, your hull helps to dampen the wake from other watercraft.

    Sometimes a smaller, closer spread is better than a larger one. Often in warmer weather the bait fish and fish will move out of the way as the boat passes, that's a good place for the hooks to be.

    Good luck

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