Current Fisheries Bills in the NC Legislature
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Thread: Current Fisheries Bills in the NC Legislature

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    Default Current Fisheries Bills in the NC Legislature

    Let Them Spawn - This is a NC Wildlife Federation bill being shepherded by Rep Larry Yarborough. This is a good bill that needs to pass. It received a favorable vote in the Wildlife Committee and has now moved to Environment, which may meet next Tuesday or the following.

    Commercial Fishing License Reforms- This is a rebirth of previous efforts to reign in and get control over licenses. It received a favorable vote in Wildlife and is now in Finance, which meets on Tuesday's and Wednesdays. It could be heard next week. This is a very important bill supporting fisheries reform.

    Marine Fisheries Reform- This is Rep Yarborough's counter bill to Senate Bill 554.

    The Senate bill is a DMF led attempt to strip the MFC of some very important powers and duties of the Commission. The typical foes of the resource (Steinburg, Sanderson, Tillman, Brown) are the leaders of this bill. It is designed to give the DMF control over the process for the purpose of delay.

    The NC Fisheries Association (Jerry Schill) has tweaked the DMF bill to further protect commercial interests with this House bill-

    The process will require conferencing of all three of those bills into one, which will hopefully be a formidable task that will disinfect S554 and H860 or kill all three.

    We all need to show support for 483 and 486 by writing emails to the committee members as these bills move forward.

    Let The Spawn (H483)
    The Environment Committee-

    Commercial Fishing License Reforms (H486)
    The Finance Committee-
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    You might listen to the rhetoric the commercial side uses to fight sustainable fisheries reform-

    More important-

    Please use this easy NC Wildlife Federation on-online form, supporting sustainable fisheries management, to send an email to your representative.

    The Republican caucus is meeting of Tuesday to address controversial bills. Bills move or die after that meeting.
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