Delayed Harvest not so much!
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    I ride my bike on the Mt Airy Ararat River Greenway two to three times a week. The lower portion follows the Ararat river which is a Delayed Harvest trout stocked river. Today I saw three different fishermen walking along with a nice stringer of trout with from 3 to 5 nice trout. I thought to myself "Dude you're toting a hefty fine on that stringer and not trying to hide it". I've not seen an enforcement agent yet this year but in the past I have seen them patrolling the Greenway. Maybe a shoutout ie this is a Delayed Harvest river is in order.
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    I let them know they are fishing illegally and tell them the rules and the consequences of getting caught. Then I walk a little further away and call the reporting number for violations 1-800-662-7137. I know confrontation is not recommended so I make sure someone is in shouting distance when I do. I've been cursed at more times than I can count, but I feel protective of my home waters. Mentioned to a powerbait user 2 weeks ago about the bait rule and he said thanks and walked back to his car.
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