Glitch on Humminbird??
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Thread: Glitch on Humminbird??

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    Default Glitch on Humminbird??

    On my HumminbirdHelix 5 chirp gps when I select a way point I wish to navigate toward, theroute shown me is often including overland. Tough on the boat.
    I havelooked at the settings and must be missing something or the machine is notcapable of giving a realistic route, but only a straight as the crow fliesroute.
    That means,I have to back off the scale until I can see my position and the waypoint and “dothe math” on cleaning up the route and keeping my boat in the water.
    Anyone knowof a fix??

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    It will always be a straight line from where you are to your waypoint unless you have a previously saved track or route to follow. GPS doesnt know what stands between you and where you are going. If I am running unfamiliar waters I rely mostly on my map to stay in the channel and avoid hazards like shallow flats and long points.
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