Keeping bait fish alive
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Thread: Keeping bait fish alive

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    Default Keeping bait fish alive

    I'm looking for suggestions for how to keep bait fish (bluegill, sunfish, brim) alive after I've caught them for use as bait later that night when catfishing. I have a jon boat and no live well so I'm hope to find a way to keep fish that I catch earlier in the day alive till I go out fishing around sunset that same day.

    Thanks! Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    Jim Harp

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    Are you near the water? If so a floating fish basket might work just google "floating fish basket".

    If you are bringing them home, I have a setup that's working pretty good but the hot weather that popped up is keeping me busy with ice packs lately.

    • 10 gallon orange water cooler from Home Depot
    • Cheap dual-outlet fish tank bubbler from Walmart
    • Ice packs (If weather is hot)
    • Sure LIfe Better Bait treatment
    • Flake fish food from Walmart

    The water cooler will keep the water temperature stable because it's insulated. You will need to add ice packs if it's a hot day (don't add tap water ice, it has chlorine). Bubbler keeps the water aerated. If you are keeping them for several days, feed them some flake fish food and change out 1-2 gallons of water every other day with fresh water (depending on how many fish are in there).

    Search for "Sure Life SL101B Better Bait" on Amazon, really helps keep the fish spunky.
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    I recently red an article on this very subject and the cure was unreal. .5 tablespoons of Hydrogen peroxide in the bait tank. Not sure what size tank so you might want to cut that in half. You should be able to search the topic.

    Let me know.

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