Something you might always think about having on your boat. It sure saved the day for us.

Rice. Yep, a one pound bag of rice.

On our last outing on the pontoon boat the other half dropped her phone and gave it a good soaking. While we were able to recover it, she was sure it was a goner. My thoughts were to hit the grocery store as soon as we left the lake and get some rice.

We poured half the rice in a bowl then laid the phone in and poured the rest of the rice over the phone. Of course we had taken the battery out and left the cover off while doing this, in fact, as soon as we recovered it.

The hard part was waiting a full 24 plus hours before seeing if it worked. And, it did. We put the battery back in, snapped the back on and hit the button. Came right on and looked like no damage whatsoever. Still using the phone today.

So next time we go out we will have a pound of rice in a large storage bag so we can just put the phone in the bag with the rice ASAP.