How to handle a gut hooked fish
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Thread: How to handle a gut hooked fish

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    Default How to handle a gut hooked fish

    I've been doing it all wrong.

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    The through-gill dehook is much easier on the bigger bass, but yeah I have done a lot of Texas rigging over the years and stumbled across that technique. It's a good one to know about.

    The irony is that the fish in the video will be dead from lack of oxygen despite a successful hook removal. Interesting he didn't show the release. I like to hold my breath while working on the hook or taking a picture. When I have to breathe, it's time to give the fish some time in the water before trying again.

    Thanks for drawing attention to this technique, it's a good one for people to practice using because when done right it works and really can save the bass that otherwise wouldn't make it.
    - Sam
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