We fish out of masonboro inlet this past Thursday and Friday.
Thursday we headed out 18 miles, we arrived at first light and the false albacore and Benito were on fire.
There were acres of bait and fish busting everywhere.

I was able to hook up many times, but could never get the fish past the sharks. It was total crap, every hookup lasted 3o second to a minute and then slack line. We either retrieved heads or cut lines...

Changed up to bottom fishing. First fish was a 19 inch flounder.
Then the spot tail bream started. Made a few drifts and found some huge white grunts. These guys were beasts between 2 and 4 pounds.

We had to move often due to the sharks, but every other shark we brought up had cobia or amberjacks trailing them.
We were never able to connect with the Amber's or cobia.

We left with plenty of fish for a good fish fry

Friday we went out 22 miles.

Same thing, but with way way more sharks.

No matter what we tried it was sharks......

We tried trolling, light lining live baits, etc.

All producing sharks and more sharks.

We did find some big grunts again and a few black bass. But that ended in about 20 minutes with the sharks finding us..

Did anyone else do anything