Cub Scout hiking/fishing trip 6/1
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Thread: Cub Scout hiking/fishing trip 6/1

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    Default Cub Scout hiking/fishing trip 6/1

    We took a little hike today ( 2 mile round trip ) with some boys from my youngest sons pack. I was surprised some of them had never fished before.

    I took 3 rods to share/ help and couldnít keep the lines in the water lol. My son loves to fish and he was helping some of the first timers and didnít even fish himself. On the way home he told me he had more fun teaching and helping than catching the fish himself. Coming from a 9 year old that made me feel pretty good.

    Didnít catch anything big but there were lots of smiles. I missed out on a lot of pics, it was kinda busy baiting/ unhooking/ untangling

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    Looks like a great outing, one they’ll remember a long time. OH
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