Fun Boating spots near Oak Island
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Thread: Fun Boating spots near Oak Island

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    Heading there next week with the family. Wondering if anyone can recommend any fun boating spots between Holden and Wrightsville where I could take the kids? I would love to find an Island or something that's only accessible via boat where the kids can explore and collect some shells. Any thoughts? Thanks

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    Between Holden Beach and Wrightsville Beach covers a multitude of sins. Though it is only an island some of the time, there is a popular spot (at low tide on weekends) at the west end of Oak Island. There is a nice sandy area on the spoil island along the ICW just east of the Lockwood Folly Inlet. Just don’t get stranded by a falling tide, leaving your boat high and dry, unless it is small enough to push off. There are lots of islands along the Cape Fear River before you get to Snows Cut to get to Wrightsville Beach. Two things to remember. Some of them are bird sanctuaries so don’t mess with them and the Cape Fear River can get pretty tough when the wind and tide turn against each other (not to mention some ship/ferry traffic). Also, getting back behind Bald Head takes a lot of local knowledge as does going up into the Elizabeth River. Masonboro Island up near Wrightsville Beach is a very popular island, lots and lots of folks go there to party, especially on weekends. Don’t want to throw too much cold water on your plans but I am sure you will spot a nice place as you ride up the ICW. There are several sandy patches along the way but not too much to explore without getting onto private property. You can always drive down to the East end of Holden Beach or the West end of Oak Island (the Point) and you will see more than enough sand to wear your kids out. Just don’t try swimming in the Inlet. There were 5 people drowned in it in just one year several years ago. There is a lot of water that runs through it. So have fun boating, be careful, and don’t run aground unless you intend to do so.

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